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Other Information Technology (IT) Products

Medical Tourism

Our  Medical-Tour software package is a comprehensive Web Based Product which meets all requirements for Medical Tourism covering  Patient, Local Doctor of the Patient and the Super-specialist from initial enquiry to post treatment stage for Medical Process as well as for Tourism requirements. It includes an excellent Monitoring System.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Our BPM tools provide an easy customization for any ERP or Core application including Medical ERP.

We also provide Employee Portal applications for the companies in the initial stages of comprehensive computerization.


Smart Communication System (Intelli-SMS)

Timely and Appropriate Communication is the key to successful business; it is the key to create a relationship with your associates, alliances, employees and the Patients.

SMS (Short Messaging System) is the fastest and the most reliable and still a highly personalized way of communication. Mobile phone sits in almost everyone’s pocket and reaching there is just an SMS away. With our system there is no need to make call from the cell for conveying any information; it is one of the computers, which does the job, on its own by sending SMS, which can be scheduled in advance.

cellphoneWith just one time effort of deployment of the SMS system, there is no need to bother about sending a timely communication. There is no need to print and courier any communication. There is need to depend on Internet Connectivity There is no need to depend on any expensive IT manpower for monitoring the application.

Intelli­SMS allows you to choose any of the following methodologies for sending SMS:

1. Scheduled Event SMS The SMS triggers on as soon as some predefined event takes place

2. Instant SMS The SMS is manually triggered when some important event happens and pre-defined or mass information needs to be sent.

3. Interactive SMS This is one of the best usage of SMS technology, using Intelli-SMS, patients can fetch any useful information or book appointment with doctors just by sending an SMS. Intelli-SMS does not require any human resource to be dedicated for sending or receiving of SMS instead the SMS server is configured to do so by itself.


Touch Screen KIOSK Information System

This system is basically an extension of our Hospital Management System. With the Touch Screen computer placed in area like Reception or Lobby, any patient can look up the Specialist available and can accordingly fix appointment. Layout / route map for any room or ward or office etc can be seen, information / status of any in-door patient can be seen. Thus this system provides an efficient extension to the Information System to any Hospital / Health Care center.



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